Wordpress and 503 Error

Hello all,

This post is in reference to this page: http://hwarf.com/tvdbgrabber/

While trying to update this page from Wordpress’ admin intereface, I receive a 503 error. If I remove the PHP code that I’m displaying in a code snippet, the page can be updated. However, I’d really like to leave the script there. Currently, when I want to update the page, I’m going into phpMyAdmin to accomplish this.

Is anyone else having a problem like this? Does anyone have a solution? I just recently switched my Wordpress blog to DreamHost. I was running the same version (2.2.1) on both hosts and I used to be able to update the page without issue.


What you describe might be happening as a result of the “Extra Web Security” setting for your domain. You might try disabling it to see if that resolves your problem.

You can do this from the Control Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains Screen. Just select the “edit” link under the “Actions” column on the right side of the screen adjacent to the domain in question, modify the setting for Extra Web Security", and submit the form.


That was the problem. Thank you so much!

Your are welcome, and I’m glad you now have the matter resolved. :slight_smile: