WordPress Already Installed?

Help! I’m VERY new to all of this… I have my domain though GoDaddy and hosting though DreamHost. I once used WordPress for blogging, but that’s it.

I went through the process of One-Click installing WordPress to my site, and was successful. I made a few edits in WordPress, even installed a custom theme. THEN, I logged out. When I tried logging back into WordPress, all it pulled up was my OLD blog? I have no idea where my custom theme and everything went. So I decided to start over.

I deleted my domain from DreamHost, cleared everything from GoDaddy, etc. Now, I’ve added my domain back to DreamHost and I just clicked the One-Click Install button for WordPress. I received the WordPress Successfully Installed email from DreamHost; however, my DreamHost dashboard gave me an error “WordPress is already installed to your site”. I have NO access to where this is installed and I don’t know where to go from here. Is my domain now toast because I can’t install WordPress again? HELP!

The email from DreamHost says step one is to create a user admin at http://www.blessthismeal.com/wp-admin/install.php but when I click there, all it shows is a GoDaddy parked page, not a WordPress login?

Are you sure you haven’t accidentally amended the DNS as godaddy?

That was it! Thanks monjo!