Wordpress already installed

I have two fully hosted domains at dreamhost. I installed wordpress to the first one, created a full site then moved it to the other domain.

I now want to create a new wordpress site to my first domain, but keep getting the error "wordpress has already been installed"
I have emptied the directory. Deleted the old databases and created a new one.

Can’t think what I am doing wrong, could someone please advise me here. Completely new to wordpress and domains.

Thx in advance. :))

Did you use the dreamhost one click installer? if so it probably is confused. You may need to return to the one click page in the panel, click “manage installed installations” and then on that page use the > to expand the information for that installation, if it’s still showing the moved installation at the old location then remove it from the list.

Depending on HOW you moved the site (there are multiple ways to move a site), it may be something else too, but we don’t have enough information to guide you until you tell us how you moved the first site to the second site.

Hi lakerat,
I used backup buddy to move wordpress to my second domain.
I have 2 domains. In the one click management section it shows as wordpress only being installed in the 1st one, there’s no mention of the second one.

One-click will only show you the domains you installed via one-click. So BackupBuddy’s install won’t impact it.

Since you want to clean out the first domain, though, you can delete it via one-click.

I was going to try that but was scared it would affect the install on the second domain. The second domain is not showing in the list for one click installs under one click management. Are u certain that if I remove it from the first that it won’t delete it altogether and il lose my Wordpress site from the second domain?
Kind thx for your help :slight_smile:

YES. Here is the analogy that supports the logic. Backupbuddy made a BACKUP of your site, which you then RESTORED on a different domain. That is like making a backup of the files on your PC before you switched to a new PC and then restoring the backup on the new PC.

If problem persist you should manually install wordpress on second domain.For this upload the latest wordpress files on the new root directory and rename the sample-config.php file to config.php file and update localhost db name and username in this file then run install.php file it will install the new wordpress on your second domain I’ve used this technique for my site http://desistreams.net