WordPress & 500 Internal Server Errors -- how I fixed them



This morning I was working on my site and it suddenly started dropping 500 Internal Server Errors left and right. Anyways, here’s some things I did that helped:

  1. Increased the memory limit. As default it was about 90 MB and I bumped it up to 256 which is much more than I need.

  2. Repaired all the database tables and optimized them too. Also I noticed there was a table leftover from a deleted plugin (I tried it and it wasn’t really that good) so I deleted that (I did a backup first though).

  3. I use all my plugins. So here’s what I did:
    – I had a couple of redundant ones (e.g. I dont know why I had 2 contact form plugins.). I searched the plugins to find one that would do the features of both and reduce the amount of plugins. Actually for the contact form one I just switched all the other forms to one system.
    – Some of the plugins I used, but not all the time and it wouldn’t break functions or shortcode or something if I deactivated them. So I deactivate them and turn them back when I need to use them. For example, a maintenance mode one and a search and replace one.

  4. Remove .htaccess and then redo the permlinks. This didn’t really help me much but I read a misconfigured htaccess can make that issue.

  5. Also check cache plugins. I deactive it and a lot of the errors went away. I’m currently tinkering with other ones now to see which works.

Then I waited for a few minutes and it stopped doing the errors. :slight_smile: I hope this help someone else.

If anyone wants to post more ideas do that here.


I did it all of them and nothing worked for me


Get a CDN S3 Amazon with W3Total Cache
Solves all problems, all 500 are gone.
and S# I pay 1-2 US dollar a month.



Hi guys,
I’m experiencing the 500 Internal Server Error too. I have no idea how to implement the changes you are suggestion. Can you point me to somthing (or someone) who can walk me through it? Many thanks!



Specop, your site looks just fine for me. It’s running without errors, though it is a little slow.

I would install WP Super-Cache on your account. It’s fairly easy to set up, and that should speed things up.


thanks for the info