Wordpress 404 Error

I installed Word Press using the One-Click. I got the e-mail with further instructions, but when I click on the first link about setting up the admin page, it gives me a 404 Error page and says the server can’t be found.

I registered and set up my domain onto Dreamhost in August. However, this Domain is also being hosted by 1and1. I haven’t gotten ahold of my web guy to get him to take it off of his account. So, I’m not sure if that is why I’m having issues or not. But from the info I’ve been reading it doesn’t seem like that should be an issue.

I set up the e-mail under Dream host a few hours ago, so I thought maybe that was why it’s not working, but it said 10 minutes.

Has anyone had this issue or do you know what I could be missing or doing wrong?

Appreciate the help!

If the domain is being hosted by 1and1 that would mean the domain is pointing to 1and1 name servers. simply adding the domain to manage domains here on dh will not be enough. you will need to log into your 1and1 account (assuming 1and1 is the registrar) and edit the dns to point to dh name servers. it could possibly be something else if you did change the dns settings but if you don’t tell us your url we can’t really try and see what the problem is. if you did change the dns it can take usually 24-48 hours for the information to propagate. i can’t understand why posters are so hesitant to list it when asking for help because we don’t have psychic powers over here sad to say :slight_smile:

Thanks. I did get ahold of my web guy- who runs the 1and1 admin page, so it’s registared. However, I have another site that creating to go with my old site. This site is brand new, I got the domain from DH, and it’s registared, and the 404 error is happening with this site too. And it’s been registared for months now.

The DH site is www.imaginationchicago.com
The 1and1 (now registared with DH) is www.chicagoballoontwister.com

And the only reason I didn’t add the them in the first post, is because I’m new at this and I didn’t realize that would tell you anything.

I’m sure that’s probably the biggest reason why many people don’t post it.
Never mind- the Imaginationchicago.com is now working. All I had to do was complain about it. :slight_smile: