Wordpress 3 network/multi-site

I’m interested in setting up Wordpress 3 in the network/multi-site configuration at Dreamhost using shared hosting. I’ve read over the relevant Codex page over at codex.wordpress.org, but I am unsure about how to make it all work in the Dreamhost environment. I was wondering whether anyone here has actually done it and could provide a walk-through. The part that I’m getting hung up on is doing it by means of subdomains, and, in particular, setting up a wildcard subdomain. I have no idea whether I can actually do this as a shared hosting user, or about whether it would interfere with Dreamhost’s existing configuration, e.g., whatever is currently being done with mod_rewrite. Any enlightenment would be much appreciated.

It’s smoke and mirrors, minus the smoke.

At the WordPress end, follow their instructions to enable multi-site. At the DreamHost end, you can’t use DNS wildcards, but a Mirrored domain does the same thing. You just have to set them up one at a time: Manage Domains -> Add New Subdomain. Something like blog2.example.com as a mirror of example.com, and then in WordPress, you add the new subdomain blog.

Because there’s no wildcard DNS, WordPress will warn you that it was unable to create some random subdomain as a test. No big deal, as specific Mirrored subdomains will work just fine.

I followed your advice and got as far as creating a new network blog. Then something weird happened. The new network blog was created with the database name appended to the URL – i.e. http://mysite.commysite_database/ where http://mysite.com/ would be the desired URL and mysite_database is the database name. Consequently, the stylesheet doesn’t load.

In the Super Admin config screen for the new network blog, the blog path is set to the database name. Once I blank out the path, the blog seems to work.

Have you experienced anything of this sort?

I have had the same problem. Tried searching the code but so far haven’t had time to search all of the code files.

Tnks for your tip. It worked for me.

Added the desired subdomain as mirror.
I only had to add www in all urls presented in the configurations of the site on the Super Admin seccion in WP,
if not, I was entering in a infinite redirect cicle.

Best regards

So has anyone put together a step-by-step on how to set up multisite on Dreamhost? I’ve chatted with two support types who didn’t have a clue, saying DH didn’t support third-party software and that DH didn’t have an opinion on which configuration (subdomain or subdirectory) to use. All they were sure of was that a VPS configuration was REQUIRED – although they couldn’t say why.

But what I’m actually looking for is a procedure to follow that has worked for a few people. From reading this and a couple other threads and the DH support Wiki (below), it doesn’t sound as if things are predictable or stable yet.

(from the wiki:

If you enable Networking (Multi-blogs) in WordPress 3.0, be aware that Dreamhost adds 4 lines to the end of the wp-config.php file, which cause problems creating your individual blogs in the network. Specifically, it will cause WordPress to concatenate DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE, DB_NAME, and the name(s) of your new blog(s) together. This concatenation will persist into the blogs’ new URL, essentially breaking the Network at setup. To fix it, comment out the 4 lines added by Dreamhost, which are:

$server = DB_HOST;

$loginsql = DB_USER;

$passsql = DB_PASSWORD;

$base = DB_NAME;

After installing the new blog(s), you should probably uncomment those lines, as they may (or may not be) be associated with automatic upgrades in the Dreamhost panel. )

What I’m guessing, but it is just a guess:

  1. Modify the lines in the wp-config.php per the wiki.
  2. Set up the subdomain, using the mirrored procedure.
  3. Modify the WP file to enable multi-site and Superadmin.

Any thoughts? TIA, everyone. As I write this, the current WP version is 3.0.5.


I am running a multi-site, set up initially pre-3.0. However, I am on a VPS server. I am pretty sure the earlier DH restriction (only VPS customers allowed to set up multi-site) was due to the heavy resources an active multi-site can require.

I installed this manually, as I do many of my WP installations. We are at 3.0.5 currently.

I determined at the beginning that I didn’t need to set up sub-domains for my user’s blogs. I have them all running as sub-directories and it works fine. We have over 100 blogs running and more than 150 users so far and expect it to continue to grow.

I have upped my VPS resources to keep up with it and expect that expense to grow with additional users.

Yes, the mirrored subdomain needs to be setup for sure. On my setup, I have a unique IP for my main domain - so I can subscribe to secure hosting (for SSL to protect the WP admin, PHPMyAdmin and whatnot).

For subdomains, I made a mirrored site, but because of the unique IP, I had to edit the DNS record, so it’s the same IP as my main domain - or else you’ll get a “bad_httpd_conf” error message when you try to visit that subdomain.

I had also setup my WP with the domain mapping plug-in - and have configured it for the subdomain blog.

The dashboard for the subdomain blog will use the SSL cert, but it will give a cert error (incorrect domain), as DH’s SSL certs are not wildcard enabled - they don’t handle subdomains. Just accept/make an exception for the cert in your browser and you’re on your way.

Now that my testblog is working, I’ll be moving over my own blog (and then 2 others).

Edit: I didn’t add www to any of my config in WP. In fact, I don’t use www - my DH domain setup is that it removes www and redirects it to the (sub)domain. I had setup the initial WP with www.mydomain.com, and I had to scrub the MySQL database of the “www.” in several tables.

I’m reaching out as I’m starting to have some serious doubts of getting a similar system to work with my setup. I’d like to ask if you had 5 minutes to help?

  • I’m using subfolders
  • Dreamhost insist to turn on wildcards, so that is on, on blog0.
  • My main site (blog0) is registred and hosted at dreamhost -> VPS with the IP used at namecheap.
  • Dreamhost does not have the blog1 domain in the cpanel.
  • I’ve rerouted my dns from the blog1 from namecheap.com by adding: @ IP A
  • WP multisite directs me to the blog1 domain - which shows: “bad_httpd_conf” errors…

Dreamhost tells me its out of their hands now… :frowning:

Anyone? help greatly appreciated…