WordPress 3.7 Is Here!

Didn’t we JUST have WP 3.6? WordPress is pushing 3.7 to land this month, and 3.8 in December. That means that the new version is ‘feature light’ in that there’s really only ONE super major ZOMG burn down the house feature.

Automatic Updates.

Don’t panic. If you’re on our OCI, this is really old-hat for you. For everyone else, it’s only minor updates. That means 3.7 to 3.7.1, and NOT 3.7 to 3.8. This was done to make things more like Chrome, or Firefox, where you don’t have to think about security updates.

We’ve been testing the heck out of this, and I’m really confident in the code right now.

As soon as there’s more info, I’ll be sharing it with you, including an OMGWTFBBQ post :slight_smile:

Feel free to hit this thread up if you have questions. I set it to email me with your comments, so I’ll reply ASAP.

As a visually impaired person I’m worried about accessibility of wordpress. Since the fly out menus (and there are plugins to expand them) I worry that they will fdn more ways to (not on purpose of corse) hinder our creativity. I’m hoping that accessibility will be as good as it is in wordpress 3.6.1 as of now.

marrie125 - I’m happy to say that the flyout menus do not change in this version.

However if you get a chance, try out the MP6 plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/mp6/ it’s being worked on for 3.8 and I know they’re working with the a11y testers (see http://make.wordpress.org/accessibility/ ) to make it work better for everyone!

Updating to happily announce that WordPress 3.7 (aka Basie) has landed.

The update is 99% behind the scenes, which means your day to day usage of WP as a blogger won’t change much. The developers will be really busy though and … well. Our very own Shredder is working hard to get panel updated. Funny story. He’s in Europe, I’m on a plane… This is one worldwide release just from DreamHost’s POV!

Upgrade and enjoy. I’ve been using it for days in beta and loving it :slight_smile:

I would like to disable the automated WordPress updates, and wait for a few days if there are any bugs reported and fixed, and then upgrade manually.

However, I cannot find within the panel where to disable the automated upgrade of WordPress.

Last time (upgrade 3.6.) caused some plugins to crash. Unfortunately, there are too many plugins which don’t keep up with WordPress changes, and use depreciated coding. I’m disabling plugins, removing them, but it takes time if you are not a developer and not at ease with programming.

I still have not fully recovered from the 3.6. upgrade, and now the next WordPress version! There are still fatal PHP errors in the log which need to be attended.

To disable automatic WordPress upgrades, head to the web panel at Goodies > One-Click Installs > Manage Installed Applications. Click on your domain, and edit your “Upgrade Action” to “No” or “Notify Me”.

that disables the panel’s upgrade mechanism… but effective with this release WP will do minor upgrades without help.

to quote the dreamhoststatus.com entry:

I suspect that’s what Soccerwidow was referring to… although those minor upgrades shouldn’t be a show stopper, if it worked for the major release it should work for minor releases following.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I changed to “Notify Me”. Hope this will do the job…

Hi LakeRat,

nice to see you are still active here :slight_smile: Long time since our last contact… I have been increadibly busy improving my knowledge, skills and website.

It’s awful… you start a blog in good faith, trust all these automated things, and then realise that the more visitors the more you hit a ceiling, and the more you need to master programming skills.

Soccerwidow - The updates are only for minors (as LakeRat said) and I personally have faith in them. Right now we’re at 75% deployment for all English WP installs for 3.7.1 and there hasn;t been a single failure that broke a site.

I can’t update WP; when I try I get this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mbstring_binary_safe_encoding() in /home/zcadmin/divamissz.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 62

Site seems to be working, but not updated.

You’re not alone. Update it manually :wink:

Perhaps ironically, there’s a plugin out there that’s overriding that for some reason. No cookies for THAT one. Manually, alas, is the way to go here. :frowning:

Or try turning off all plugins, switching to TwentyTwelve theme, and see if that works for you.