Wordpress 3.5 is slow

Since being updated to wordpress 3.5, the blog part of my site takes 5-6 seconds before loading… it just sits and waits… this happens on every page of the blog.
My site uses frames so the sidebar in html is instant, its just wordpress taking its time.

What I have tried:
Disabling cloudflare completely and setting name servers back to dreamhost default (this wordpress update happened at nearly the same time my server was moved… not very smart IMHO), I did this days ago because I thought this was related to the server move not WP upgrade.

Today I disabled all wordpress plugins and tested with the same results.

I have now set my name servers back to cloudflare and reenabled my plugins… same slow speed.

Anyone have any possible answers to this slowness? I have another site on the same VPS server with WP 3.5 and its fast.

My slider is set around 500mb and I also have VPS Mysql.

EDIT - I was mistaken… I logged into the panel on my other site and it asked to do the database update for 3.5… now its slow just like my other site…

Hi there!
I did some investigating and it doesn’t seem like the slowness is being caused by the Wordpress update.
It seems like you’re being affected by our server move. We recently moved your servers from our LAX location to our new Virginia data center.
Once the move is complete, everything should stabilize and your sites should stop experiencing that slowness.
I completely understand if this upsets you since yes it is our fault for the slowness and our whole admin team is aware of the situation and working to this resolved
We really appreciate your patience with us during this move as this was not anticipated when we started the server moves.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you again for your patience.