Wordpress 3.0 upgrade?



When will Wordpress 3.0 be available as a one-click install update?


It is already available as an “advanced” one-click install; the “easy” version should be “live” in the next day or so. :wink:

Ooops! I spoke too soon. It is already in our update queue, and will be pushed live within the next few days (or sooner). Of course, for advanced one-click installations, you can go ahead and install what is there now, and then just upgrade right from within the WP dashboard at any time - no need to wait for our installer to catch up at all.


I’ve stopped using the One-Click upgrade system for WordPress since WP handles it so well. And with 3.0, WP has the Upgrade All feature that will update your WP software and all plugins and themes at the same time. It’s really slick, and DH still lets you roll back your domain directory and database if something blows up.


Thanks guys! I was talking in particular about the “Upgrade or remove previously installed software” area – that still says I’m on the most recent, which it thinks is 2.9.2.

But that’s cool. I think I will just use WP to upgrade. It is pretty slick.

Thanks again!


Dang, just tried the internal WP update on a beta site and it blew up:


[quote=“sdayman, post:5, topic:52948”]
Dang, just tried the internal WP update on a beta site and it blew up:

[/quote]Dang indeed! Mu “dashboard ujpgrades” went off without a hitch on several 2.9.2 installations I tried it on. That is strange indeed. :confused:


This appears to be a plugin issue:

Event Calendar, to be specific. And that’s a “gotta-have” for me. They took quite a while to get it 2.9 compatible, so I won’t be holding my breath for 3.0. There look to be some workarounds, though. Had I read the above link earlier, I would have just removed it from my plugins directory, rather than do an entire restore. Live and learn.