WordPress 3.0 as MU

Since WordPress 3.0 allows any installation to be converted to MU, will Dreamhost allow to use this feature to everyone, despite we have PS?
It would require to setup the DNS wildcard…

The release of WordPress 3.0 has no bearing on our policy: we will not set up wildcard DNS for domains on shared hosting.

Does the Dreamhost policy effect subdirectory set up of multisite?

As far as I’m aware, it does not. If you do set up WP3 in multisite mode, though, please do NOT allow public registration — open WPMU setups are highly prone to getting spammed.

Could you double-check this information? We’re seeing a lot of support threads with users unable to get the subfolder sites running properly because a slash is being stripped out. Everything else in the setup is correct. In fact, one poster says he did get it working but it came back - which suggested a server script to me. :wink: Yes, most users asking were on DH.

And it’s perfectly fine & understandable if it isn’t supported - it just makes it easier on the wp.org volunteers and mods if we know this ahead of time. :wink:

Andrea, I’m not aware of anything we’re doing that would be cause that sort of problem, but I’ve opened a bug to have someone look into this. I’ll reply back once I have an answer.

I’ve definitely found something. See these threads -

It’s either soemthing specifci to how your boces are set up, or your Fantastico install. I haven;t determined yet if these users used Fantastico or not.

Whatever’s adding theme lines:

$server = DB_HOST;
$loginsql = DB_USER;
$passsql = DB_PASSWORD;
$base = DB_NAME;

is mucking up the installs. Note that the $base has the db_name as the variable. The base is the base of where the install is located. If in the root, the value would be ‘/’.

Edit: a user reported they used the one-click install on one of your dedicated accounts.

Yep, it looks like there’s a bug in our installer. I’ll have someone fix that when I get in next week.

Does one instance of WPMU/WP 3.0 multisite running 5 sites have more load than five individual WP installs? That’s assuming the traffic and all that are the same.

All other things being equal, I’d expect a single multisite install at that scale to generate marginally less load than five individual installs.

Most of the issues that we’ve had with WPMU in the past have been caused by users setting up MU installs with public registration and ending up with thousands of spam blogs in their database — I’ve seen as much as 30,000 in one database once. So long as the creation of blogs is restricted to the site administrator, chances are that using WP3 this way will be perfectly fine… but I’ll have to check with the honchos tomorrow to get an official statement. I’m just a code monkey here. :slight_smile:

I’ve confirmed that using WP3 in multi-site mode is OK, so long as you don’t have open registration.

…and, just to be clear, you also abide by the rest of the Terms Of Service/Unlimited Policy rules (especially relevant here are the prohibitions against reselling your account resources to the general public, running scraper sites, back hat SEO, etc).

Hi All,

I too was having this same issue with the one click DH install. After a fresh install from wp site, the urls were working fine. However, now my sites only load a blank screen. This too seems to be reported quite a bit within the same multisite DH pages on the WP.org support forums Andrea reported.

Do you guys know what might be causing this issue as well? Could it be related?

so has anybody gotten wp ms up and running on DH ?

any pointers ?

I experienced the same problem, and so far, a large portion of the other users dealing with that problem were also on dreamhost.

Here is a screenshot of the resulting path when the error occurs:

Even after fixing the path under “Edit”, the blog is not working as it does not renders the correct layout.


I am running WP3 from the Advanced One-CLick install. Any hint on how this can be fixed?