Wordpress 2.3 & Windows Live Writer

I’ve recently upgraded a website from Wordpress 2.1.3 to 2.3 and Windows Live Writer will no longer work. The error message I get when I try to publish is:

The response to the metaWeblog.editPost method received from the weblog server was invalid:

Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server

I have tried the following fixes:

  • editing the .htaccess file to include:
SecFilterInheritance Off
  • editing the xmlrpc.php file to include:

$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA = file_get_contents(”php://input”);

  • removing any trailing spaces from every file
  • disabling all plugins
  • reverting to the default theme

I can’t seem to find any other fixes.
Help! Please!

I did have problems at one point with live writer and had to make the changes here to xmlrpc.php. though this was more to do with image uploads failing.

there is also other info

To be honest though what you have done seems to be the only advice I could find.

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