Wordpress 2.0.4 out

Wordpress 2.0.4 came out very recently, just thought I’d give people (and hopefully the admins) a heads up on it. There’s an important security fix for blogs that enabled subscriptions. I’m one of them and I’m currently a little edgy about this flaw and would like to upgrade as soon as possible, thats all. :slight_smile:

I’m sure DH will update the one-click area soon – but doing the upgrade yourself isn’t much harder. Wordpress.org has step-by-step instructions for upgrading, if you’d rather not wait for the one-click option. Personally, I prefer doing it that way anyway.

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I upgraded to 2.0.4 yesterday. No problems at all. Follow the WordPress upgrade guide for best results.


If you have any customized pages in your WP blog, a manual upgrade is the way to go, not the 1-click route.

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