Word Press Problem




I have 3 domains hosted with DreamHost. The first one was set up 2 days ago and the install with WordPress plugin went very smoothly. It set up WordPress blog perfectly fine. Today I have entered two more domains to be hosted by DreamHost and did quick install with WordPress Plugin and I am not experiencing the same set up results. I am not getting to a new WordPress blog site with these two new different domain names. I just keep getting a “404(page not found) error” message. Any ideas what is going on???

Thank you for your help.


Sorry to hear of the trouble! It’s likely, if the domains are newly registered and/or set up for hosting, the new DNS may be taking some time to propagate. If you’d like to provide one of the domains here I can take a look to be sure, or you can contact support about this if you haven’t already! http://bit.ly/9fU5m5