Word press categories

hi, i have installed wordpress successfully, but having some problems with getting the categories to be displayed and also don’t see where someone would register on the site itself to post.

i created around 14 categories for people to post to. i assumed that when i went to the widget section and added categories to my sidebar, they would all be displayed. i read somewhere that the categories would not be displayed unless there was a post to it. well, blast that, how could anyone post to the category if they don’t even know what the categories are since none are displayed. i would really appreciate anyone who thinks they can explain this to me aka an idiot. thank you.


Well, most wordpress blogs have one person posting (though it definitely allows multiple authors). When you create a new post, you can choose which categories it’s in.

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so, what about the categories not being displayed ? is the only way to have them show up under categories is for there to be a post within that category?



When you create a new post, do you see the categories you created in the list of categories that you’re allowed to pick from for your new post?

I think the sidebar widget allows readers to pick categories to view the posts in that category. I could be completely mistaken as I don’t use that widget, though. My theme includes a category list in my sidebar that displays the categories that have posts in them so my readers can view all the posts in a particular category.

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It’s actually better the way it is. If someone has access to write, then they’ll see the categories and be able to choose the right one. Once there’s a post, the category will show up.

If you show a ton of empty categories, how many clicks do you think it will take before people give up and leave your site? A menu with a bunch of fake entries pretty much defeats its own purpose.

If you really want to go that route, then you could probably make one pointless post and check all categories when you publish it. That should probably make them all show up. But when you add new categories, you’d have to go back and edit the post to include them.

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Yep, that would do it … though I agree with you that doing that would not be a “Good Thing™” to do to a site. :frowning:


yes, that does make a lot of sense to me. thank you for helping me get it.
thank you.