Word Press - Blogging via email problem



I recently had a word press blog installed on my dreamhost account. I am having a problem getting the blog by email feature to work.

I created a new email address and set the port to 110 in the blog admin area. I checked the password and login name (the new email address). The plugin to check emails is also installed.

Any ideas why the posts are not showing up?

International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce
"Women Destined for Greatness"


After every e-mail, you should visit this page to process your file:



You could also set up a cron job to run(visit) that file periodically.



I’m also having a problem with posting by email, only it’s waaay more complicated than visiting the -mail.php page:

I set up my post-to email address, with an alias (so I have a DH m###### username and an alias email address like "posthere@mydomain.com").

I entered mail.dreamhost.com as the server, with port 110 as the port. I originally tried mail.mydomain.com, but that didn’t work either.

I sent an email to posthere@mydomain.com and verified that I could receive it, both through webmail and by creating a POP3 account in my email client and checking the mail. I sent another test message, so I’d be sure there was a new, unread message in the inbox.

I visited wp-mail.php. I get “There doesn’t seem to be any new mail.” I get this whether I change the mail server to mail.dreamhost.com or to mail.mydomain.com. I get this whether I change the username in WP to the m##### address or to my alias (incidentally, emailing to the m##### address results in the mail being lost somewhere in the ether).

I am completely befuddled. The email account works just fine. I can get email there. I can send email to there. I’m checking wp-mail.php. But no mail posts.

Most of the troubleshooting for WP post-by-email tells you to check wp-mail.php and to add an exclamation point if you get some weird error message involving “noop,” but I don’t get that error (unless I add the exclamation point).