Word Press and Gallery Direct Feed

I had a really quick question on Wordpress and The Gallery one click installations is there a way that i can just input some html and have the wordpress text feed into my page with my layout for my website as well as if there a way to do the same thing with the gallery. If you dont understand what i mean let me elaborate. I mean if i were to look at a layout i created from scatch and i wanted the blog text to appear in on of the tables what html would i use or is that even possible

It’s certainly possible, to greater or lesser degrees between WP and Gallery, but it is a little more complicated than you describe.

What you are talking about is a “theme” (though often you will see it referred to as "a “skin” or “template”).

This is accomplished in slightly different ways by WordPRess and Gallery, but the concepts are the same. Essentially, what is invlolved is the preparation of a PHP file (or, more accurately several files) that contain the essence of your site design and “tags” that grab data from the WP or Gallery program that indicate where “stuff” from those programs is displayed.

The definitive guide to how this all works for WordPRess is found at http://codex.wordpress.org/Blog_Design_and_Layout#Themes_and_Templates

WordPress has “lots and lots” of examples of various themes others have created, and made available for you to use, on the web (check out http://themes.wordpress.net/ or large list of themes resources on the WordPress Codex

There are similar (though not as extensive) resources available for Gallery, also.