WooCommerce - Storefront Theme - Problems with product page

I am looking for some help in diagnosing some issues with our theme. I am new to WooCommerce completely and have minimal experience with Wordpress so I am kind of just feeling things out right now and I’ve got a weird issue with my product page that I am clueless where to look in order to solve it.
I am new to this project and the designer who brought it this far is unsure of what may have created this issue. I can’t find anything in the GUI editors and am not inclined to start messing with the css files directly before I have my head around this platform.

Theme: Storefront
Version: 2.6.0
WooCommerce 4.5.2

No product title showing despite toggling the settings for it on/off
No breadcrumbs showing despite enabling them
Reviews star widget at top of page cutoff and only showing bottom half of stars.

Example page:

I am assuming this is a css related problem but I am open to suggestions if anyone knows better. I have tried unsuccessfully to inspect the elements with Chrome and find a solution that way as well.

Does anyone have an idea of how I can diagnose and correct this? TIA!!!

A quick search indicates it might have been a requested option (a plugin was made to do what you outlined). I’d check that plugin wasn’t installed inadvertently during testing or w/e.
Alternatively, perhaps installing it and trying to “force” titles to show might also get around your apparent glitch.

Failing that I’d likely try uninstalling and reinstalling the storefront theme (and maybe even woocommerce) in effort to reset things back to expected behaviour.

Yeah I was able to work out the titles but still no luck on the breadcrumbs. There is something that seems really wrong with that entire element. I set breadcrumbs to show and no matter what I can’t see them. I can’t see them no matter what but increasing or decreasing font size affects the height of the element and I can see them in the source code so I know they’re there. I even tried altering the font color and still can’t see them. The breadcrumbs on category pages responded perfectly as they should have but on product pages I cannot seem to figure it out.

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