Woocommerce Question

Hello all,

I was running into some trouble with woocommerce and the UPS shipping plugin on the checkout page. The issue was when someone would put in their address the options wouldnt refresh and show the service and the price. The people over at woocommerce asked me to inquire about my host and if they cache the checkout page or cart page as this would prevent proper functionality. I seem to have it working now but their “wooninja” says its still not working on their end.

feel free to test on your end and any help is appreciated. links below.

Image of UPS plugin Debug enabled from the wooninja

Image of shipping calculator working fine

link to a product you can test yourselves

statement from woocommerce customer service:
"Hi Bret,

Thanks for that information.

After doing some further testing, I’m finding that rates only show up when selecting “Ship to a Different Address” box and then unchecking. I’ve put together a screen cast to show you what I mean here:

UPS Rates

I know you said it was working for you previously, but have you tested in incognito mode? My suspicion is that perhaps your shipping rates were caching while testing. If you test in incognito mode, are you able to see what I’m demonstrating?

As my colleague, Joel, mentioned- When entering a billing address, it doesn’t even attempt to refresh at all. On all other sites, entering a billing address triggers a rate change, but with yours it doesn’t. As demonstrated from the screen cast, I even tested with Storefront theme with all plugins deactivated and no dice.

All of this does lead me to think your server is setup differently. Please check with your hosting provider to see if they are caching your cart/checkout pages:"

I’m taking a look at your settings on this end! Our DreamPress (managed WordPress hosting) servers do include Varnish caching on the server itself, but it looks like you are using a regular web VPS for this particular site. I’ll update you with my findings.