Won't upload

I used Fetch. I tried to upload a page I made with iWeb. This is what now appears on my site:

Index of /

Name Last modified Size Description First_Web_Page.css 18-Jan-2009 23:23 4.4K
First_Web_Page.js 18-Jan-2009 23:23 3.2K
First_Web_PageIE.css 18-Jan-2009 23:23 762
First_Web_PageMoz.css 18-Jan-2009 23:23 126
MainEvent_bg_01-1.jpg 18-Jan-2009 23:23 1.5K
MainEvent_bg_03-1.jpg 18-Jan-2009 23:23 5.4K
etc. on downward

In the Wiki Uploading Your Site, I am told:

“Note: if you uploaded your site and everything looks like it transferred right, but you only see a “Parent directory” chances are that you uploaded your files to the wrong folder, or you uploaded your files to the wrong FTP user account.”

Is what I am looking at above a “Parent directory?” Fetch does not ask me to which folder to upload, as far as I can tell. I used the correct FTP user account according to what I understand from Wiki. I once got this far with Cyberduck. Usually I only get a 404 window.

I get so far and then the jargon stops me.


Hey! I got my page up! Not sure how I did it - it had something to do with folders within folders . . . the .html thing . . . maybe. Anyway, when I touch it again it may revert to the above, so my question stands.

Another question: now the url reads:


Is there a way to get it to stop right after the .com?

Thanks for the help with such beginner questions.

Yes. You need to make infullswingjazz.html count as one of the default “index” files.

Create a .htaccess plain text file in your domain’s main folder. Its content should say:
DirectoryIndex infullswingjazz.html index.html

This is like a search path for the web server. As soon as it finds the first file, it’ll bring up your site with a URL of infullswingjazz.com. I’d keep the index.html in there just in case you get rid of infullswingjazz.html sometime in the future and forget to modify the .htaccess file again.


Thank you.

“Create a .htaccess plain text file . . .” Ok, I’ll go look that up and learn how to make one. I’ll start with Wiki.

" . . . in your domain’s main folder." I had to think about it, but I think I know what that is now. It’s the folder in Fetch that says infullswingjazz.com, right?

“search path” I’ll look that up. I notice Fetch has a nice glossary.

Thank you again.

You can create your .htaccess with this command:
echo “DirectoryIndex infullswingjazz.html index.html” > .htaccess

Do that in your shell account here, or in Terminal on the Mac. Remember that the leading dot makes it a “hidden” file, so you can leave that off so it’s htaccess and then rename the file after uploading it so it’s .htaccess

Domain folder, yes, that’s it, and that’s also where your index.html file is.

Search path, don’t worry about it. It’s like a checklist of things to look for.