Wont publsih!

ah!!! i can’t publish!!! ive had this problem before and it was never solved.
i have had my domain since the begining of december and it still isnt properly up on the web. It seems my money is going down the drain. X!
I have frontpage and apparently i can publish with out moving to a frontpage based server by publsihing to ftp://kitterflix.com
i have tried this and it doesnt work. the only reason it is half up is because one of the staff moved a few of my files.
People have suggested publishing to ftp://kitterflix.com/kitterflix, ftp://kitterflix.com/kittyfly kittyfly is my web id, ftp://kitterflix.com/index and none of them have worked.
i am very stressed and angry. Please please please help me, i was recommended here by a friend and so far all ive had is problems.
love Brooke x x x

Have you tried ftp://kitterflix.com/kitterflix.com/ ? Unless you’ve changed it from the default, the directory under your ftp root would be the same as your domain name including the tld (.com)

ok, im just trying that…hold on!

yay!!! it wokred, omg, thankyou sooooooo much! wee, im so happeeeeeeeee! thankyou so sosososososo much!!!
luv Brooke x x x x
big hug for you!