Wondering about DreamHost's CloudFront Support

Hi there,

I’m a DreamHost customer and a user of Amazon S3… I am wondering about the new DH CloudFront support… On the sign-up page in the DH panel it says ‘Where you will upload your files to’ does this mean I can upload files to this directory on my DreamHost server, and they will appear on my S3 server/account? or am I getting the wrong idea?

Please let me know.

~ Christian

I am new to CloudFront. Here is the snapshot of the cloudfront setting in DH panel.


From the setup, it looks like what you are thinking is correct. You upload the files to DH server and they will appear on your S3 server. I’m not sure how S3 server works. Let’s see whether somebody else with CloudFront experiences could commit semething.

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