WOFF fonts?

Anyone else have WOFF fonts on their websites hosted on Apache in general? I have a site hosted on dreamhost that is not rendering WOFF fonts correctly. I’ve added the following code to my .htaccess file with no results… anyone?

AddType application/x-font-woff woff

I do. I have WordPress themes that used to load .woff fonts from Google. I used the following to download the fonts and modified my .css file(s) accordingly:

I did not modify .htaccess to make this work.

I haven’t seen evidence of mine not working. How can you tell your fonts aren’t rendering correctly?

Turns out it was a CSS issue. Apparently Apache is a little more fussy about capitalization than IIS is. My test versions of these sites were hosted on my own IIS/Windows boxes - which didn’t care if the @font-face{ commands had correct capitalization between the font file name and the reference to it.

I discovered the problem when I clearly saw TNR instead of my custom, paid, font for my specialized website. I thought it was an .htaccess issue (thanks, Google) so I looked at that. Closer examination revealed that ONE style of the font (-regular) was working, and -light and -bold were not - so that pretty much ruled out a server level issue or an htaccess issue. I spent around 2 hours troubleshooting and finally nailed it down to the -regular working, and then realized it was the capitalization issue.

I guess I’ll be a little more careful coding my CSS from now on…