Wmv streaming

I have put a file on my streaming folder, and I get an error when I try to open the file:


Im not sure what I need to do differently. If you need more information to help me, let me know what it is and I will get it

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know a lot about this stuff, but the error message you got is probably a good place to start. When I try to load the video I get (in the “view source” of the blank page that is displayed - FireFox

[quote]RTSP/1.0 400 Bad Request
Server: DSS/5.5 (Build/489.7; Platform/Linux; Release/Darwin; )
Connection: Close[/quote]
Which leads me to a Google search for the RSTP/1.0 error, which returns numerous links. The first link returned is from an Apple developer mailing lilst which discusses the causes for the error - thi might be a good place to start :wink:


Oh my mistake. The URL is wrong, it should be:

Thanks for the help, I will continue to google and wiki search.

I didn’t realize that the Quicktime Streaming Server could stream WMV files. What makes you think the streaming servers here can handle WMV?



The wiki suggests its possible =\

I followed the link to the Darwin Streaming Server, and can still find no reference to its ability to stream WMV files; just MPEG and other open standards formats.

It’d be nice to hear if someone on DreamHost is using the streaming server to stream WMV files.


It seems that there is just a bit of confusion here, and I guess it’s somewhat understandable.

From the wiki…

The above two sections are specifically talking about streaming through progressive downloading. It’s a technology that only requires a compatible media player, not a specific streaming server. You can stream via progressive download from ANY web accessible directory.

As you have seen, the Darwin streaming server does not support *.wmv. Here is a link to details about Darwin: http://www.publicsource.apple.com/projects/streaming/StreamingServerHelp/pgs/ss12.html

I did a lot of research about this stuff the other night, because I was hoping to use Darwin as a relay server. I wanted to upload a single stream from winamp on my machine to Darwin, then have a couple live streams for friends, ala SHOUTcast. No luck in my research so far.