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I’m interested in adding WML pages to my sites.
Is anyone else doing that here? Is a dedicated server needed in order to configure Apache to serve .wml, .wmls, and .wbmp MIME types?



Could try this in a php page…

<?php header("Content-Type: text/vnd.wap.wml"); echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>";

echo “”;

hello world!


Thanks for the suggestion! I just created my first cell phone microbrowser page. Given that most newer cell phones support color jpg images, any suggestions on providing embedded graphics beyond wbmp?
Do I need to modify .htaccess?



Any mobile that can display fancy colour pics is probably capable of understanding basic html or xhtml. afaik jpegs etc wont work in a wml page but you could try including one and see if it works. The page probably wont load for old phones though.


I’ve been experimenting with my cell phone, and found that wml can display color jpg and png files. The move seems to be toward xhtml-mp which is very similar to html, in fact xhtml-mp code will display on my desktop browser!

Looks like wml will still be supported for backward compatibility, but who knows for how long…

Any recommendations on web sites for info on wml or xhtml-mp?
wapforum.org seemed to have zero useful content…


w3schools has good coding tutorials for most languages, I’ve definitely seen a wml one there. Doubt it will have one for xhtml-mp because the xhtml-mp dtd hasn’t been finalised yet. Google will definitely have one :wink: