Without cPanel how do I ZIP up a set of files?


New to DreamHost.
I notice that cPanel isn’t an available tool here. I see in the forum that DreamHost has a “better way” than cPanel.

That’s great BUT I’m clueless on how to use any tools on DreamHost to perform simple things like how to archive a set of files then download the zipped file to my laptop. I’ve looked through the Wiki. I’ve poked around in WebFTP. Its probably staring me in the face BUT I just don’t see how to perform simple tasks.

Advice please.




If you are familiar with the command line (unix) you could enable shell access from the web panel and take it from there. If not there may be other ways of doing it that I am not familiar with.



Thanks tomt,

That was my fall back AND I have indeed already set up an SSH session into our site. I’ve been looking at the files and yada yada yada…

I was thinking from what I read in the Forum and some Wiki pages that there was some sort of cPanel like interface that was better in some way than cPanel. Guess that just isn’t so.



Guess it depends on your skill level, I prefer dreamhosts setup to a cpanel setup.


I guess I had an expectation that “dreamhosts setup” was a bit more than a standard UNIX command line interface. When I jump into an unfamiliar technical environment I usually have to spend time orienting myself and “decoding” the environment. (mia copa, mia copa) Guess I’m going to have to reach back into my past and dust off my UNIX memories…



If you’re on Windoze, enable shell access and SFTP into the account with WinSCP.

http://winscp.net gives you some right-click awesomeness :wink: