Winging it - NS4 CSS

I’m somewhat of a newbie at CSS. I can do some things but not a heck of a lot. I’ve been messing around with one site and can’t get the Netscape 4 CSS to render correctly. One item is displaying incorrectly (yet others like it are fine). Newer browsers seem to show just fine. Since I’m not a great web designer and don’t want to advertise my lack of talent, is there someone I can PM about my css file to help me see where I’ve gone wrong?



Whew! After much blood, sweat and tears I figured it out. Makes me wonder if it’s worth it!


CSS support in Netscape Navigator 4 - even in the most recent version (4.8, I think) is dreadful at best. Since NN4 does not recognize the @import rule, I recommend hiding any advanced CSS from it by making use of it. Keep all positioning in the imported style sheet.

Simon Jessey
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Hi, Simon.

I had been using the @import rule but I’d zigged when I should’ve zagged on the css4 stylesheet. I figured it out by (timely) process of elimination. Sometimes, there’s just no other way… LOL.

And it was due to positioning - wouldn’t you know?

Thanks for the reply!