Windows Server on DreamCompute


Hi DreamHost Community,

I’ve been attempting to get Windows Server 2016 running on DreamCompute. I’ve created an image using Cloudbase’s tools to generate a working KVM / QEMU image and then converted the .qcow2 to .raw using qemu-img. However, it fails to boot the disk.

I’ve even downloaded Cloudbase’s ready Windows Server 2012 image and converted it to .raw format, but I get the same error in the console.

Has anyone else gotten Windows running on DreamCompute, or any suggestions? I’m looking to move more of my business to the cloud and Windows Server is a big part of that. I’ve been with DreamHost for 12 years and would really like to stay with them.


Hello @jothousand,

You can check out this site with tips for setting up windows on DreamCompute:

That would help clear up some concerns. You can also reach out to our Technical Support team for more information and help:

Thank you!


@jothousand - please post with your experience on this if you follow the advice provided by @DH_Mira. Thanks.


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