Windows lost a file. Where?

After struggling with some Perl code for over a year, I finally had a project nearly finished. I was going to share the Perl file with a college for a little coaching. I had my DH cgi directory set up as a My Network Places resource with FTP. I typed up an email with Thunderbird to my college and attached a file with a Perl module. The I went to attach the Perl program file by dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer open on my ftp to the cgi directory on DH to the attachment box in Thunderbird. The drop didn’t work. But the drag did. My code was moved, not copied from DH. It’s gone off DH. Where the f|*** did it go? Where did Windows put it?

Is there any recovery from backup available from DH?

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Set Windows Explorer to show all hidden files or what have you (I don’t remember exactly what it’s called). There’s a .snapshot directory in your home dir that should show up there. All your files are backed up into subsequent directories in there.

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Didn’t find it. What do you mean by home directory?

The directory I was copying from was an FTP link to a DH UNIX directory. Could Windows XP make a hidden directory there?

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if you think it’s still on your computer you can use the search function (that is if you know the filename)

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The file was never on the XP, it was on Dreamhost. Windows search didn’t find it searching all the hard drives and hidden directories and didn’t find it on the DH FTP directory.

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If the “drag” worked but the “drop” didn’t, or at least, you can’t find where it got dropped, then it ought to still be in your Dreamhost “.snapshot” directories. Have you tried looking for it there?


As the wiki says, “it will not show up in any directory listing at all, but it’s there”.

You will have to find a way to explicitly change directory to /home/username/.snapshot/

Then backup directories should show up.

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I found this in the wiki:

so when you log in on your server via SSH you have to do this:

[quote][slauson]$ cd .snapshot
[slauson]$ ls
hourly.0 hourly.1 nightly.0 nightly.1 weekly.0 weekly.1
so actually, it’s the folder /home//.snapshot/

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I found it, I found it! I see what you mean. .snapshot didn’t show up in Windows Explorer ftp connection to kiki, even with “show hidden files” set. But I could SSH in to kiki and found it right away in .snapshot/hourly.0 with a find.

Thanks so much.

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