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I have asked support about this, but since its really a 3rd party thing I don’t want to waste their time with it. I installed and configured this script, located on my site here. As you can see, there is an error on playing.jpg. I asked at the forums and they said GD probably wasn’t installed. Support said it was, they also said I should try adding “Add-Type php-cgi php” to my htaccess file. I tried that, and got an Internal server error. To attempt to the fix that I also tried a few different variations of that in the htaccess, and different CHMODding, as the kbase suggested. Still, no luck. Does anyone have any experience with this, or suggestions for getting it to work? Thanks.

Well, first off, here’s the proer syntax for that:

That lets php files run as cgi. Which means they run as you currently configured cgi user, meaning you then chmod files 755 and they will be writeable by the server.

As for the error I’m seeing right now, it’s referencing a function that should be there. You can try renaming it to playing.jpg.php and see if that helps since that AddType command above will only work on .php extensions.

What is the name of the script, maybe I can have a look at the source of it and see if I can come up with anything

Todd Eddy

you need to chmod info.txt to 777

Your .htaccess should contain the following:-

[code]AddType php-cgi .php

ForceType application/x-httpd-php

[/code](ensure the .htaccess has a blank line at the end!!)

Another thing you need to upload a font and specify it in the playing.jpg file…

$font = ‘fontname.ttf’; around line 56.

it’s a good script, i have it online but not on my dreamhost hosted site… if you’re still having problems i’ll upload it and check it on my dreamhost site!