Willing to pay for help

Hi, I am looking for someone that can help me with a few things on my blogsite. I am new to dreamhost and new to php.
I need to be able to list all of my autors in one page with their photo, name, bio and their latest 3 posts.
Another page with all the categories and the latest 3 posts.
Add an RSS feed to each category and each author
Please let me know if anyone can help
Thank you

You may be able to use simple plugins. Which blog software are you using?

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The latest version of wordpress hosted

I haven’t used WP for years but as noone seems to have replied I’ll bump it in hope someone more WP savvy will notice your question and offer some additional tips.

For the most part you could create static pages via Admin. The “latest 3 posts” part might require a plugin or some additional coding if a plugin isn’t available. I suspect the ability is already provided in the core or someone has written a plugin though.

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