Will these domain changes impact my Google Apps (G-Suite)?

Hi, I have been using both Dreamhost and the free Google Apps (now G Suite) service for many years (before Google started charging for it) and would now like to make changes to my domain but I would like to know if it will impact the functioning of Google Apps.

I submitted a DH Support ticket but was informed they are unable to assist, including getting my name wrong “Hello, sandal You will need to ask google about how such changes could impact your current g-suite ( was google Apps) service. We do not know and can’t know how google is handling such things.”

Would any of the gurus on the DH Community be able to advise if any of the following changes are likely to have negative impact on my ability to continue using the free Google Apps service (in particular the Google email service we access via mail.our-domain.com.au and Google calendar service we access via calendar.our-domain.com.au).

I would like to make the following changes:

1/ use Wordpress (Subdirectory) Multisite feature on domain “our-domain.com.au”. I will then re-create existing subdomain Wordpress installations as subdirectories eg our-domain.com.au/site1.

2/ activate the “Remove WWW” option on domain “our-domain.com.au”. This was recommended in the Wordpress instructions for activating the multisite feature.
When I go in to edit the domain “our-domain.com.au” I see the following message against the Google Apps option “(Warning: Google Apps will not transfer existing DreamHost messages or accounts across: you’ll need to recreate these accounts at Google Apps or messages sent to you will be lost!)”. I’m not sure what this means.

3/ activate HTTPS on domain “our-domain.com.au” using the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate so that all multi-site domains have HTTPS enabled

Thanks for your assistance.

For future reference, I have been advised on the Google G-Suite Product Forums that neither removing WWW or activating HTTPS will have any effect on Lagacy G-Suite functionality.

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