Will someone from support please respond!

What the heck is going on around here? I emailed Dreamhost over 24 hours ago. I need them to change the WHOIS info because they have the wrong email listed and I cant transfer my domain name to a different host. When I go to the edit profile section and put in the correct info it never updates in the WHOIS info.

Did you wait at least 24 hours for it to update?



It’s highly unlikely that someone from DreamHost support will respond here. Infrequently, you will have one of the “honchos” peeping in here; not in the past 7 days though.

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The email address in Edit Profile is to provide an address for account related emails from DreamHost and provide a default email address for new domain registrations. Modifying this email address does not dynamically update the WHOIS information on existing domains.

To change the WHOIS email address, simply go to Domains -> Registrations in the panel, tick the relevant domain(s) then click the Modify Checked button.


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