Will Site Redirect Retain Gmail?

I have a domain, hXXp://www.myOLDdomain.com. I also have Gmail and Google Apps set up which rely on @myOLDdomain.com accounts.

I have created a new site on the domain hXXp://www.myNEWdomain.com. I’d like users who visit hXXp://www.myOLDdomain.com to be automatically redirected to hXXp://www.myNEWdomain.com, but I’d like to retain access to Google sites such as hXXp://mail.myOLDdomain.com for Gmail.

Would the standard “Redirect” option under the “Web Hosting” settings under “Manage Domains” redirect only the web page or will it direct the Gmail pages as well?

Basically I don’t want to pull the trigger until I know for sure my email will not experience a service interruption.

Thanks in advance!


To be safe, I’d replace the content of the old site to do a redirect. Here’s a recent post on the subject: