Will shell account ~/.forward work after upgrade?

I am looking forward to the hosting infrastructure upgrade described at:

However, I am unclear on how it will affect my custom Mailman installation. On the Web panel, I configured a bunch of email addresses @mattmccutchen.net to forward to plus extensions of my shell account hashproduct@hephaestus.dreamhost.com. That shell account has a ~/.forward file that runs a script I wrote that examines the plus extension and handles the mail accordingly.

My question is, will this ~/.forward file in my shell account work after the upgrade? (Obviously I’ll have to change the hostname to forward to in the Web panel; I’m not talking about that.) The pre-upgrade checklist on the Web panel advises me to make sure that “Nobody on your account is using .procmail or .forward files”, but I’m not clear on whether that applies to my case or only to pre-April-2008 email-tied shell accounts. The post at http://blog.dreamhost.com/2008/05/23/what-web-hosting-is-for/ and comment #100 there suggest that my setup is the recommended one but do not specifically address the upgrade.

I asked DreamHost support and they said that YES, a ~/.forward file will continue to work for email sent directly to a shell user (like SHELLUSER@SERVER.dreamhost.com). ~/.forward will break only for email addresses that were tied to shell accounts. I assume that is because the switch from NFS to local disk will forcibly untie these addresses.