Will redirect redirect e-mail too?

I’ve just registered 4 domains, one of which is fully hosted, the other three redirect to the primary. The primary is set up to use Google Apps for e-mail, etc. If someone sends an e-mail to user@mydomain.com, will it forward on to user@mydomain.org (which is what I’m hoping will happen).

No, redirecting a domain only affects web hosting. Email hosting is separate, so you’ll still have to set up forwarding addresses behind the forwarded domains.

So is there any way to redirect email addresses in bulk? That is, so that any email sent to specific.address@olddomain.com will automatically be redirected to the corresponding specific.address@newdomain.com? For example, xyz@olddomain.com goes to xyz@newdomain.com?

Lunarpages had such an option. Took fifteen seconds to set up. Helps a lot when a client changes their domain name. I don’t relish setting up a boatload of individual forwards. There must be a quick way to accomplish this with Dreamhost.

Anybody know how?

Yes. In the DreamHost Panel, here:


Hit “Edit” on a domain, and one of the options is to have that domain’s mail “mirror” another domain. That’s what you want. :slight_smile:

Nope. The best I can think of is a script. Use a catchall for your domain and have it forward to one of your shell accounts, then set up some procmail filtering so that all inbound mail gets the address parsed out then forwarded to the same address at the other domain.

I’m no procmail expert. Maybe someone has already created such a procmail script.

I’ve tried using this for some of my domains, but it doesn’t seem to be working - I’m getting a ‘rejected by recipient’ error.

The main domain I’m trying to redirect to uses gmail so there are no email addresses set up for this domain on the dreamhost panel - is this why it’s not working?


Email mirroring doesn’t work as expected for GMail domains, as Google still thinks the two incoming email domains are supposed to be separate (and bounces email if the mirrored domain isn’t set up with it yet).

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for that.

Google Apps other something similar but because I’ve previously had that domain set up as a seperate account with google it won’t let me add it to my main account.

I’ll have to try something else.