Will Joomla one-click install be supported?

Joomla is the new Mambo, are you guys planning on upgrading when they release the download?


Never heard of it. Neither has Google. If you want to install an alternative CMS, or a fork, it’s usually pretty easy to do.

I think DH carefully considers what to make available as a one-click. Stability, security, community support.

[quote]Never heard of it. Neither has Google.


FYI: Joomla is the new name for Mambo. It was announced only YESTERDAY (Sep 1)… :wink: For more info, check out joomla.org

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yup, exactly, thank you prufrock.

If it’s not supported in the One-Click, I’ll still install it over the now defunct Mambo.


Good lord, why did they change the name, and why joomla (because the domain was available??) I had enough trouble getting folks to take “mambo” seriously, but “joomla”??

Seriously, Mambo has just reached a point of name recognition and they change it? Does anyone know the story behind the name change?

edit: Ah, I see, it’s a fork.

arrgh. diffusion of a great product.

Basically, there was a huge fallout between the company Mira (which hosted and promoted Mambo) and the core Mambo development team (independent, Open Source developers.) The development team decided to form their own development organization called OpenSourceMatters.org, and are moving to re-brand the code and continue development. Because Mambo was released under GPL, the development team has the legal capability to do this. Some call it a code fork, while others call it a re-branding.

Anyway, it has been officially renamed “Joomla” (which is the phonetic spelling of the Swahili word “Jumla”, which means “all together” or “as a whole”) and the team is currently soliciting sumbissions for an official logo and slogan. The team promises an upgrade path for current Mambo users.

Mambo will continue to be developed by Mira, so if you are a Mambo user, regardless of which route you choose (Mambo or Joomla) you won’t be left behind.

By all means, go to joomla.org and have a look around, and make up your own mind as to which path you will follow…