Will ionCube work on a custom compile of PHP?

Has anyone here gotten ionCube working on a custom compile of PHP? Or has anyone used LiteCommerce or X-cart (both from Qualiteam, a Russian software company) on DreamHost? LiteCommerce is a more streamlined, modular version of X-cart, IIRC. I’ve used LiteCommerce on another host and am trying to transfer that site here, but have hit a wall due to its use of ionCube for source protection. I’ve seen in the forum and heard from DH that they don’t support ionCube, which has never been a problem for me elsewhere. Some say that Zend Optimizer and ionCube can’t run on the same server, which isn’t true. I’ve read that as long as you call ionCube before any other zend_extension lines in your php.ini, it works fine.

Soo… has anyone tried this with their own PHP? And on that subject, can you edit the php.ini any time after compiling? Doesn’t doing so require a restart? I’ve been searching but can’t figure out how a restart is done (or requested). I have the Level 3 plan. Thanks!

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Hi, I am facing the same problem as you did some time ago. i installed Ioncube but it requests a restart. Where you able to get it work and if can i ask you to share it with me.

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“Dreamhost doesn’t support ioncube” means “Support won’t do it for you”.

Installing IonCube: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/IonCube_Loader

You can edit php.ini anytime and the effect is immediate.