Will I Be Billed?!

Well, I payed for my Dreamhost account with a money order, and I payed for it about a month ago, is Dreamhost going to send me a bill or should I just adress a money order to them and send it like I did with the first one with the set- up fee?

You’ll have to contact Support to find out if they got your payment. Or was this a monthly payment? If it was a monthly payment, I suggest you go with yearly, or two-yearly payments to save you the hassle of sending in money orders every month.

If your account did get set up and is active, I doubt they’ll send you a bill. Check your Billing section in the control panel for expirations and any possible instructions for renewal. I use credit card, and Manage Account shows me my renew date and that I’ll be automatically rebilled. If you go to the Make Payment section, it’ll tell you how to send in a money order to renew.


If I’m not wrong, usually DH sends you an email after they receive the money order to indicate that your account will be activatd.

If you did not receive any notification, you should log into DH panel and contact DH support.

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