Will I be able to run ASP pages on yearly plan?


I just became member for a year and registered the domain too… but my website which is already developed, which I want to upload, is developed in ASP and new website which I am developing is fully on ASP.nET so, will I be able to run that here?

Unfortunately no. DreamHost use Linux based servers running the Debian operating system, they do not support ASP.


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oh, this is really ridiculous… then what about php and coldfusion?

Not really, it is just that DreamHost has decided to use Linux for their servers, this would make it difficult for them to support Microsoft technologies such as ASP and ASP.NET.

If you require these technologies for your site, you really should have chosen a Windows based host.

PHP is supported, of-course, as is Ruby, Perl and Python.

Unfortunately, Coldfusion is not supported either. As I understand it, this too is primarily a Windows based technology.


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You are right, its my mistake that i should go to windows based host for my requirement. But I tell you, its the honesty if you can write it somewhere that windows based hosting tech. would not work, people would not waste their money! Its really ethical business trick.

DreamHost is pretty upfront about the Operating System they use and the technologies they support. I think the fact that ASP etc. were not listed on the main DreamHost plan comparison page should have set the alarm bells ringing for you.

All is not lost, if you really feel that you can not achieve what you want using PHP/MySQL and the other programming technologies supported here at DreamHost (although I think you should give them serious consideration) and you payed by credit-card, you will be able to obtain a full refund (minus $9.95 for your ‘free’ domain registration) under their 97 day money back guarantee.


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i dont want to cancel the account, will use it as hosting service because nobody gives 200gb for 100$ per year… i will use my domain registered by DH with another hosting provider who supports windows.

i am not critisizing service but somewhat upset because i wasted my whole day and still result is zero :slight_smile: will have to find some other provider tomorrow with windows availability

but, dont want to get the money back for this service, its cool, there is no doubt in that.

I totally understand, I have similar things in the past and jumped into things without doing enough research and regretted it later, but as you say, you still have a great hosting service for an unbeatable price. It is just a pity that it doesn’t fit in with your original plans.

You’ll get no arguments from me about that :slight_smile: .

I’ve done a fair bit of research into the offerings from other hosts and the more I research, the more I realise the value of what DreamHost offers, except of-course if you require Windows specific technologies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck.


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Note that the refund will include the $9.95 domain registration if you did not use it. Then you will get the full refund.

I have been a coldfusion “programmer” for more than 10 years. DH was running a sweetheart lifetime deal 3+ years ago so I signed up, thinking I could use CF here.

Rather than lose the great deal I chose to embrace what was available. Now I consider myself a PHP programmer who is competent with MySQL, Python, Perl and Apache, and have crossed over to running on Linux at home.

I’m CFMX certified and put food on the table with it and Oracle, but I will never give up my membership here. CF is definitely fully capable with Apache/MySQL but it has to run as an Apache module now. Don’t think it’s been available as cgi since version 3.1.

CF Hosts are going to run you typically $20 a month or more. For some good CF Linux host prices check out http://hostingatoz.com or http://hostmysite.com or http://uplinkearth.com

Keep your account here.