Will forwarded addresses go through junk filter?

Does the Dreamhost Junk Filter take a look at mail that’s getting passed on to a forwarding address, or does it only look at mail that’s going through webmail?

Is the Junk Filter the implementation of SpamAssassin, or is there a separate SpamAssassin installation I can enable?

I have the same question re forwarding addresses. Did you ever get an answer?


Forwarded email doesn’t get filtered.

The Junk Mail filter is SpamAssassin, but it’s an older version.

You can install your own:


Thanks. I’ve been using the filter on a domain where I didn’t need to worry about forwarding, but now I do so your answer is helpful.

Even the old version of SA is helping in my current situation, so I’ll follow the easy path for now and simply enable the DH filter.