Will email changes I make _now_ hold? Josh


Really no need to email support here about this since you’re replying on the board…and you’re probably most familiar with the “big picture” of what’s happening.

I’m glad Dreamhost sent out the email explaining this because today was weird at work with strange, now explained email problems…

  1. First, the script in several cases are selecting the wrong email addresses to send to. I’m fixing them manually; not all and no real pattern to speak of. Will my changes “hold” or will they be overwritten again? (First this affects about 6-8 different accounts that I formally or informally admin and it’s across the board; probably 100 email boxes to verify in all.)

  2. Do the mxxxxxx boxes still exist? Some have no user and simply go to another email box. (They used to go to a mxxxxx box number.) In every case so far, if there is no “real user” the email address it’s sending mail to has always been wrong and I’ve been manually fixing them, but leaving the user blank, though there is one.

  3. Unrelated to Dreamhost and under the concept of “when it rains it pours” at work we’re upgrading our pipe from frame-relay to a T1. I am looking at reconfiguring 50 or so email clients to use what used to be the mxxxxxx and passwords to use Dreamhost authenticated SMTP since we’ll no longer be using our present providers. This must be done within a week or we wont be able to send mail out (and I don’t want to change the email client twice.) Normally I’d use the possibly now defunct mxxxxxx box and the password, but who knows what I need to do now. And quick! (I really wanted to have it done before we switch providers.)


None of the existing usernames will be defunct, at least not in the forseeable future. Even if / when we switch to allowing authentication via “alias@domain”, the actual usernames / passwords will continue to work.

Hey Jim,

I also wanted to add that any changes you make now should take. And actually, the script is finished running now so no more changes!

Also, for the 50 new mailboxes you want to create… just use the new Addresses area and create the new address for each one, it’ll give you the m###### as you make them!