Will dreamhost support this?


I am launching a new social networking site soon - it is totally custom coded and may well get thousands of sign-ups per day.

In your experience will DreamHost handle this ok without lagging? I noticed when more than 2-3 users are only on my other sites sometimes it freezes up and doesn’t serve the page for 20-30 seconds.

If anyone is running a similar site could you please provide your experience.


Short answer: I have serious doubts that you’d be able to run a social networking site with thousands of new users every day on a normal shared account without impacting other users on the server.

Longer answer: I recommend doing load testing on your software - measuring how much load it generates for various typical operations and calculating the capacity of a server to support N operations/users.

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How come? It’s not like I’m going to add image and video sharing ect. It’s a basic site to share messages. I get thousands of readers at my blog on another shared account I have and it doesn’t even hit 5GB a month - and the bandwidth here is much higher.

Has anyone had trouble running stuff like Joomla or other CMS systems with hundred of users?