Will DreamHost ever match Globat?

I host with both Globat and DreamHost and happy with both, but my 1 year plan is almost up with Globat so I’ll have to renew or upgrade…Globat has “terabyte” packages now…the T01 package includes 10GB space and 300GB/month transfer for 7.95/month with one year pre-pay and free set up for new customers only though :frowning:

Will DreamHost be doing something like this to match their service anytime soon? I’d love to upgrade to something like that on DreamHost too.

I have not heard good things about Globat - e.g. this thread on another forum

Au contraire I have not heard such bad things about Dreamhost… As for their space limits they are raising them all the time.

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I also have hosting at Globat and plan to move the last two domains over to DH after the accounts expire in November (or sooner, time permitting). For those of you who might consider Globat:

  • If you think the servers at DH are oversold, ya aint seen nothin’ yet.
  • Tech support is moderately incompetent. I have been trying to get them to fix bad options on a PHP compile on one of my servers for 9+ months now - they haven’t done a thing about it and it’s still unusable. I won’t even get into some of the other (alleged) “answers” to tech support difficulties I’ve gotten.
  • The sales staff will spam you into oblivion with upgrade this that and the other thing nonsense. They’ve even offered to upgrade a domain that I don’t even have hosted with them anymore.

DH isn’t perfect, but they’re heads and shoulders above Globat.