Will Dreamhost be GDPR compliant?


The GDPR law is pretty clear: if you transfer data from EU to USA, the USA entity needs to be Privacy Shield certified. I don’t see much margin of interpretation here, either Dreamhost becomes certified or EU customers cannot use their services anymore. Am I right? Any legal advise here?

Dreamhost, can you tell us your plans?


@MariT we’re quite keen to get started with Dreamhost. Any news on an ETA for GDPR compliance?


I also moved all our websites to an European company/server this week. Our personal deadline was 3 weeks before 25/5 so we could no longer wait. Unfortunately there was no concrete information from DreamHost, but we are on the safe side now. Was a great time with DreamHost, sad that we had no choice to stay…

All the best!


I think we have to do the same, after many years with Dreamhost.

I am wondering if having the server in Europe is enough: there is a US hosting provider who also has server in Europe, is this acceptable? This point is still not completely clear to me.


eoxx: Not sure if this is enough.
After we decided to move, we chose everything in Europe. You also have to make a contract with the hosting company. I think most European companies already have ready-made contracts, for us this task only took a couple of minutes. By having everything in Europe, you’re on the safe side, even if the EU should no longer accept Privacy Shield (remember Safe Harbor ;).


@amw, if you don’t mind, who did you go with?


We moved to two German companies, but I think this is the wrong place to post names or links to competitors.