Will Dreamhost be GDPR compliant?


Hi, we’re a potential UK-based customer and we’re wondering if Dreamhost will be GDPR compliant come May 2018?

There’s nothing on their website about it so I’m assuming not.


This is an individual website thing. Make sure you are GDPR compliant by not collecting/storing private user data.


It’s true that GDPR mostly applies to the individual site, but it also has rules for web hosting:


Consider that DreamHost does not “process” your user data. Every website (and multiple sites per shared space) puts data wherever they see fit. DreamHost doesn’t reach into your databases to see WordPress from Joomla from Drupal, and then process your data differently.

The host also cannot accept responsibility for deleting such information if one of your users requests it.

If you continue to follow that chain then you’ll need to involve the providers of the hard drives and the power company. The responsibility for application data stops with the application. It’s my understanding (no lawer here) that GDPR intends hosted applications to comply with terms, so if you, manager of (say) a forum on some openforums.foo do not remove a user profile, then that host, experts in that forum and managers of the database, accept responsibility. Again, this is at the application/database level.

Anything below that is unreasonable and I don’t believe that law would have made it through if it was That unreasonable.

EDIT: To refine that: It’s my belief and understanding that the regulations apply to those who control the data. DreamHost controls the data for their clients. You control the data for your clients. DreamHost doesn’t access your data, and in fact, their doing so would be a violation of privacy. The legal terms defined by DreamHost indemnify them against our action, inaction, or negligence.


Hello christiaan,

We do plan to complete our GDPR certification in the very near future.

If you have any additional questions let us know!



What certification? Either you comply or you don’t. If you don’t you face the possibility of EU action. What form that takes has yet to be seen.