Will Dreamhost automatically upgrade to php 5.2.5 from 5.2.17?


The new wordpress upgrade requires PHP version 5.2.5 and my server says it is using php 5.2.17. I would prefer not to use advanced mechanisms or do my own compilations of php. Will dreamhost automatically upgrade my server to 5.2.5 at some point? Or do I have to do it manually?

Is there a checkbox on the dreamhost panel that I can work with? Or do I have to compile it all myself? (note, i really, really do not want to do that).


5.2.17 is considerably newer than 5.2.5.

PHP 5.2.17 is the latest release of PHP for the PHP 5.2.x branch and no longer supported by PHP.net.
I would recommend switching your site to use PHP 5.3.
Dreamhost currently uses 5.3.5 which is a point release behind the most recent stable version 5.3.6.
To update your site to use PHP 5.3.x instead of the unsupported 5.2.x version of PHP do the following:
In the panel go to Domains->Manage Domains->Under your domain select Edit under the Web Hosting Column for your fully hosted website.
Then scroll down to Web Options and select 5.3 FastCGI from the select box next to PHP Mode, also while your at it select Extra Web Security to enable mod_security for your website and then press the Change Settings button.