Will Dreamhost allow an installation of CGI-IRC?

I was thinking of trying to install CGI-IRC so that users visiting my site can directly connect to an IRC server & channel directly from a link on my page. I have see it work great on a site that I visit regularly.

I’m not askign Dreamhost to help with the install, just wondering if someone at Dreamhost (or a customer with experience with CGI-IRC) knows if I will be able to install it, and/or if Dreamhost will allow this type of application.

I was fooling around with it the other day just to see if it would work, but I was getting errors, but this could very well be a config issue, as I only spent about 10 minutes with it.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

A particular IRC site / channel? A public or private one? Would the users visiting have to login or anything?

I have a server and channel that I have permission to access, so server access is not a problem. I’m mostly just wondering if it’s something that Dreamhost allows that type of script, and/or if anyone has ever installed it with success on a Dreamhost server.

I’ll try it again tonight whan I have time and see if I can get it working, unless I hear otherwise.

Thanks for the reply.

Well my point is that part of our reasoning would depend on the answers to those questions. But basically, I don’t think we’d allow such a thing unless it were a fairly closed system (both in terms of connecting to a non-public server / channel and requiring a username / login to access the CGI in the first place).

We generally try to steer clear of IRC related stuff for the usual reasons (avoiding DDOS attacks pointed at our network, primarily).

Good points, and I understand.

The server is a public server, so anyone can access it; therefore I’m not going to bother trying it.

If I want to pursue it further I’ll probably go the route of one of the java applets that are out there, since once the user launches it they’re accessing the IRC server directly from their PC via a java client, rather then through the Dreamhost server.

Thanks again.