Will cloaking work for me?

Hi… I have a family website that I host on my system at home. I’d like to register my own domain but someone else is going to charge me through the nose do it. I already have hosting at Dreamhost (and love Dreamhost) so I was hoping that cloaking would work for me. I was thinking of registering my domain at dreamhost and cloaking it to the free domain I currently have at dyndns.

All I have at home is egroupware, gallery2, phpmyfamily and probably something like Drupal to glue it all together.

Does anyone know if the cloaking thing will work for me? Oh… and if it doesn’t work will I be allowed to transfer it from Dreamhost?

You can always cloak, but it’s a kludge.

If you already have hosting at DreamHost, plus you’re talking about registering a domain (only $9.95/yr here), why not host the site here as well? You can (probably) install all those packages here. If they don’t require any crazy server settings, it’s doable here.

Oh, and if you don’t want to register a domain, you can always use the YOURDOMAIN.dreamhosters.com for free.


I don’t have complete control of the hosting. It’s for a group that I belong to. I am the sole admin of the site, but if they decide they want to pull out of Dreamhost I won’t have a say, and I don’t want to be stuck having to migrate a bunch of my personal stuff.

Though what I may consider is making the Drupal (or other CMS) site on Dreamhost and linking everything else back to my system. Hmm… interesting.

Too bad cloaking won’t work well.