Will an order form made on FP work with DH?

I made and published my web site using FrontPage. I’m not a web genius, and I only know a little bit of html. So when DH says that they have a simple way to create a form-to-email page, I followed the link, took one look, and said no way. I already have the form set up on FP. So I decided to switch to a server that allows FP extensions, thinking that would make it work. But it still doesn’t. When I fill out my order form to test it, it says,
"FrontPage Error.
User: please report details to this site’s webmaster.

Webmaster: please see the server’s system log for more details."

Then I read in the Kbase that the only FP extension that doesn’t work is form-to-email. Is that right? Am I really screwed?

Can I just say that DH is a big pain in the butt? It’s definitely not for people like me. You need your own paid expert web master. Support is very helpful, but they try to discourage writing to them at all. If no one here can help me, I’ll write to them.

How has support ever discouraged you from contacting them?! They much prefer support requests to go through support instead of the forums as a matter of policy in fact!

You may be right that this is not the right place for you with your skills, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, don’t let it get you defensive I mean, but what you’re trying to do is a fairly simple matter that shouldn’t cost you too much if you do indeed need to farm out the job. I’m not sure you’d do much better with an easy cheesy windows server form-to-mail as those would surely require some configuration as well.

If I were you (and I’m not so take it with a grain of salt!) I’d get rid of the FP Server extension package, get back to the good old LAMP feature set and do the simple formmail, or have someone do it for you, I’m sure you could find help doing it via this forum and it’s members/users.

In fact, feel free to holler at me if you go this route and I can help you out.


Come on! When you click on “Contact Support” it tells you to look on the Knowledge Base, then try to find your answer here, and then as a last resort as them.
And as for how difficult this place is to use, I sure wish they had said that up front, that this is not the place for a casual user. They say that everything is easy, but that’s bull.

you don’t sound very rational at the moment.

The KBase is a knowledge base, it is searchable and it does have the answers you need in it. What’s the difference if you read it from the KBase or an email from support?

I’ll tell you the difference: it would cost Dreamhost more to answer your mail than for you to look in the KBase. The more costs they incur, the more they must pass along to the customer. For this reason I happily go to the KBase (that and the fact that I find it embarrassing to bother someone when the answer i salready in front of me).

That said, they don’t discourage you in any way from contacting them. They’ve answered plenty of questions for me that I found in the KBase later, to my shame :slight_smile: and they’ve never rubbed my nose in it with so much as alink to the article (though I wish they would link relevant KBase articles).

I think it’s a matter of rationality and perspective. You’re seeing this situation through the eyes of a frustrated person at the moment.

Help is there but you’ve got to take it.


I AM very frustrated. I signed up a month ago, and my stupid site still isn’t working right. This should NOT take a month. And it’s not like I’m ignorant about computers.
And quite honestly, you’re not helping at all. You’ve just told me that I’m in over my head and implied that maybe I should choose a different web host that will let me use my “easy cheesy” order form. I came here for help, and instead I got insulted. Thanks alot.

Sorry to have insulted you, that was enever my intent. I did what I set out to do, addressed your issues point by point and even offered my direct assistance, which in my mind would have had you up and running in 30 minutes, free of charge. That offer is now withdrawn, no offense, and good luck to you.


FrontPage produces some of the most horrendous, proprietary, browser-specific code. I would dump this atrocious program and learn HTML. Coding forms in HTML is hardly rocket science; it’s really quite simple.

– Dan

We encourage people to take advantages of the kbase, discussion boards, etc., and in some situations, looking in these places will possibly resolve your question more quickly than writing support, but we certainly don’t try to DIScourage people from writing customer support… there are many issues which can / will only be resolved by writing customer support.

I’m sorry Jason. I was up all last night with teething baby who hasn’t slept all night since August. I didn’t even recognize your offer to help.
For everyone else, I think that learning html would be fun and useful, but I just plain don’t have time. I’m looking for a job for my husband who is working on his Masters degree at least 12 hours a day, I’ve got that teething baby, and I’m getting ready to move. And I’m expecting lots of Christmas orders, so I need an order form NOW!!!
So I’ve written to Support, who I acknowledge has always been very helpful, but I just don’t want to bug them and ask them the same questions that they have to answer for all “dummies” like me.

Just to clarify, https://panel.dreamhost.com/kbase/index.cgi?area=430 says:

Just the webbot components (like counters and formmail) made possible through FrontPage extensions will not be supported.

susie, i can also help out a bit with an order form. I write HTML usually in a text editor, so could just give you a simple html page with the form on it, then you could upload it to your server. If you decide to go this route, just contact me from my website (www.chellsroost.com). I don’t like posting my e-mail addy here. :wink:



You guys are all so patient.
Keep up the good work


We did make some changes a bit ago that I believe should have enabled the frontpage email forms to work properly as long as you are on a frontpage-enabled server. I seem to remember seeing it working for one user at one point, anyway. It was never completely clear if it was really fixed or not so we never updated the kbase.

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