Will all the HDD vps eventually be forced to upgrade to New SSD plan in the further?

will all the HDD vps eventually be forced to upgrade to New SSD plan in the further?
If that is true,I’m afraid we’ll have to be leaving DH

Eventually might be a really long time.

Look at it this way, in most cases companies like dreamhost don’t like to reconfigure old hardware. They build new capacity from all new hardware. They build lots of those machines with the exact same configuration (it’s more cost effective to support that than it is a closet full of mismatches). Does it make sense to upgrade a rack or two of servers from one drive type to another? maybe, but probably not. It’s likely better to pair the new drive with new server.

So dreamhost doesn’t make the old type of VPS available anymore, they have a new configuration based on the newer hardware and current market pressure of what to offer in a VPS. Does that mean they want to turn off all the old hardware anytime soon? No, they want it to keep earning revenue into it’s old age.

Will they ever force you to change plans? maybe, maybe not. I doubt it will be this year or next tho, maybe after that. maybe the replacement will be better. maybe we won’t even need VPS’s then.

As far as I’m currently aware, we don’t have any active plans to require customers with non-SSD VPSes to upgrade to a SSD VPS. If this does ever change, we’ll let you know well ahead of time.

Keep in mind that there are several differences between these plans:
[*] The old VPSes are hosted on machines with magnetic (or “spinning disk”) storage. The SSD VPSes are hosted on machines with SSD storage, which is considerably faster.

[*] The old plans start at 300 MB of memory for $15/month, and go up to 4 GB of memory for $200/month. The new plans start at 1 GB of memory for $15/month, and can be resized up to 8 GB of memory for $120/month. In other words, you get about three times as much memory for the same price!

[*] The old plans include unlimited storage, and are subject to our Unlimited Policy. The new plans include 30 GB of disk space for every 1 GB of memory, and are not subject to the Unlimited Policy. (That is, you can store data on these VPSes that would not be permitted on an older VPS or a shared hosting plan, such as personal backups.)

Definitely not official, but someone at DH had told me that everyone will eventually be ‘upgraded’ to SSD VPS.

I self migrated and am very happy with the decision and the cost effectiveness of the solution.

I have to agree with @mericson. Performance has been better, speed has been better, and costs have been lower. Can’t complain at all about that!